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"Thank you so much for our (Divine Guidance Call). I wanted to let you know that the session opened up important illuminations for me, emerging from your attuned presence and your astute intuitive noticing... Your inquiries into my work made me finally aware of a thematic issue being repeated with increasing frequency and intensity — I'm now clear on my next steps as outlined on our call. THANK you for that.

"All this was a tremendously expansive and irresistible process for me!! I feel such relief and joyful possibility!! Stephanie, I think you are quite gifted, quietly so, disarmingly so, effectively so. I am so glad you are in the world! I am so pleased to have connected with you and experienced this deeper connection."

~ AH

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"Since working with Stephanie through her Intuitive Life Coaching, I have found great peace and true comfort, a clear mind and open heart to allow the universe to fill me with Peace, Love and Joy! She has an open heart full of love to share with others and is a true inspiration to me. Her guidance and the guidance of the universe have shown me that this journey is one of great opportunities and experiences. I'm grateful to have her wisdom, insight, and clarity at this point on my path and at this stage of my journey." 

~Amy Roberts

"Dear Stephanie! I wanted to let you know that since our call, I am feeling well and whole again. I am so grateful for our time together and for your divine guidance and support while I was navigating such darkness. Your psychic senses, wisdom, and coaching helped me to come home to myself again. Thank you!" 

~Eric J.

"My experience with Stephanie DelaRose was truly transformative. From the moment our session began, her serene and empathetic demeanor instantly put me at ease, creating a sacred space for me to open up and share. Stephanie's intuitive ability to listen and hold space for my emotions was unparalleled, making me feel understood and supported throughout our time together.

I could sense her deep connection on a conscious level, despite the miles that separated us. Her guidance was both profound and practical, unveiling insights that resonated. In the end, I was armed with newfound tools to navigate my challenges and discomfort with grace and confidence.

I wholeheartedly recommend Stephanie DelaRose's services to anyone seeking profound transformation and guidance. Her innate gifts and skillful approach are a beacon of light on the path of self-discovery."

~ Caroline Hess


"Thank you very much for the healing session for me and my family and our current situation. What a beautiful message for a mum who has been going through hurricanes and storms for the last 4 years to receive… And what a beautiful vision you shared with me! 

I feel relieved and held by your love & support. You can really hold a sacred space for the client and tap into the unseen realms! You are an Oracle; such a beautiful and wise energy. I really enjoyed our time together and am so happy that we connected."


~Cindy Lowell

"It was very nice to be heard by Stephanie. She didn’t just start channeling but wanted to connect and find my intention and need. I could feel when insight came through her, like a lightning of wisdom that resonated deeply when she spoke it. I immediately made strides in my life to shift things to add more support based on our session. I felt very connected. Thank you."

~Sophia Dallair

"Stephanie was grounded and yet helped me to expand in new ways. She genuinely "saw" into my situation, intuitively understanding the complex dynamics and shared a vision to reframe and guide me out of difficulty. My body was buzzing as I knew divine guidance was coming through. It was a total activation! After months of anguish, I'm feeling confident and supported. I have a newfound courage that has helped me advocate for myself. Her nurturing feminine energy reminded me of the the kindness that I should be treating myself with. Since our (divine guidance call) two weeks ago, I've been navigating work and family life with an ease and grace I've never felt. I'm 'divinely aligned' as she likes to say and am grateful to have her as an ally."

~Olivia Warren

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