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Work with Stephanie

Divine Guidance Calls

Meet with Stephanie for a 45 minute one-to-one Intuitive Session through Zoom or a phone call.

I can support you in a variety of ways from making big decisions, dealing with major life transitions, as well as helping you to restore your connection to your higher self and to Source by offering my intuitive guidance. My intention is that you feel safe and connected while receiving helpful clarity and guidance for your particular situation.

I want to help soothe your spirit. I want to help you find connection. Click the link below for more information.



Intuitive Life Coaching

Live Your Dharma. Let's meet weekly for 6 weeks to help you cultivate a deeper connection with your higher self so that you can bring your life into authentic alignment to experience more ease and grace. 

Each call is a 45 minute one-to-one Intuitive Session through Zoom or phone.

Deepen Your Divine Connection Through...

  • Embodiment Practices

  • Self-Reflection Practices

  • Self-Expression (creativity)

  • Intention Setting Practices

  • Nurturing Your Body-Temple

I use an intuitive approach to transformation and healing, drawing from a vast array of modalities that I have accumulated throughout the years but that focus on these pillars.


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